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Westword to Host First Members-Only Event September 14

Support Denver journalism and hear from our editors, tour our office murals (five were added during COLORCON), and enjoy a performance of "Smokey the Coors Field Cat."
The Chad Bolsinger mural in the Westword office.
The Chad Bolsinger mural in the Westword office. Westword
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The first issue of Westword was published on September 1, 1977, making this our 46th anniversary.

We immediately made our mark on Denver: While driving around to distribute copies of the free paper, our rented U-Haul hit the marquee of the Continental Theater, knocking off the first three letters of that week's feature, MacArthur, and inadvertently advertising Dudley Moore's Arthur, which would not be released for another four years.

Moore is gone, and the Continental closed earlier this year. But Westword is still going strong.

Like the movie industry, the newspaper business has changed a lot over the years. Today you can read Westword on your laptop or phone, just as you can call up a movie. But we still publish a print edition every week, and like the online version, it's still free. Westword always will be.

But sustaining a free press can be expensive, and the advertising business is also in a state of flux. So in December 2019, Westword introduced a membership program, through which readers can make one-time donations or regular monthly contributions to support our work. The response has been immensely gratifying: Our membership keeps growing, and on Thursday, September 14, we'll celebrate our supporters with a meet-and-greet at the Westword office from 5 to 7 p.m.

After a long, hot summer, we're looking forward to cocktails and cool conversation with our smart, savvy supporters. At this arty party, you'll hear from me (telling old war stories about MacArthur) along with Culture Editor Emily Ferguson; grab a copy of our new Fall Arts Guide as well as our latest Westword reading list; get a tour of the murals both inside and outside the office (five were added during COLORCON last month); and be treated to a special performance of "Smokey the Coors Field Cat" by singer-songwriter Marty Jones, which commemorates the plight of the baseball stadium pet.

Through the years, Westword has hosted many events, including Tacolandia and the upcoming Feast. But this intimate members-only event will be a first.

"I am thrilled to be a part of planning the first of many members-only events at Westword," says Lily Black, our new membership manager. "This event is a testament to, and celebration of, the vibrant community that Westword has cultivated over the years. As a members-only affair, this 'arty party' is designed exclusively with our core supporters in mind. It's a recognition of the shared passion and enthusiasm that binds us together as readers, and it's a unique opportunity to engage with our publication in a whole new way.

"We look forward to welcoming our members to this exclusive event. Your support and engagement have made this possible. Thank you for being an essential part of Westword's journey."

Remember, this event is open only to Westword members, and space is limited! If you are already a member, watch your email inbox for the invite. If you're not yet a Westword member, join today for an invite to this event and to future editorial events. Thank you in advance for your support.

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