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Reader: Did a Michelin Tire Repairman Make These Restaurant Choices?

Some diners find the Michelin Guide Colorado's Bib Gourmand list deflating.
AJ's Pit Bar-B-Q has plenty of fans.
AJ's Pit Bar-B-Q has plenty of fans. Jared Leonard
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Which Denver restaurants, if any, will be getting a Michelin star when the tire/tourism company releases its first-ever Colorado guide? We still don't know — that information will be announced at an invite-only ceremony on September 12 at Mission Ballroom.

But in the meantime, Michelin just dropped the list of Colorado restaurants that have received the first Bib Gourmand designations in the state, and nearly all of them are in Denver. Bib Gourmand restaurants offer "a meal of good quality at a good value," according to Michelin. "The Bib Gourmand amount can fluctuate often due to economic situations in different places, so now we define it as a high-quality meal at a good value," explains Andrew Festa, who handles external communications for Michelin North America. "Generally, at Bib Gourmand restaurants in the U.S., one would be able to order two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for about $50 USD." And that's tax and gratuity not included.

While the Michelin Guide Colorado has been hotly anticipated since it was announced back in June, in their comments on the Westword Facebook page some diners shared that they found the Bib Gourmand list deflating. Says Christopher:
There are some solid restaurants here, but there are a lot of similar or better restaurants in Denver that are nowhere near good enough for a star. Are we just going to lower the bar for a star and call it "Denver good"? It's like restaurant purgatory between Bib Gourmand and a coveted star.
Adds Susan:
 I agree with the Asian choices being good values, but not so sure about some of the others. Did a Michelin tire repairman make these restaurant choices?
Notes Michael: 
AJ's Pit Bar-B-Q would go out of business if it were in KC or Austin. Can't believe people here think it's "good" BBQ.
Wonders Chris:
How many restaurants in Colorado are going to land a Michelin star? Six or eight? Ten, tops? It’s certainly nice recognition for the state’s restaurant scene, but this isn’t going to be a game changer for many restaurants at all. If it’s a game changer for any, in that the ones that may get a star are already at the top of their game and doing good business.
Responds Dexter:
My prediction is all 1-stars... maybe somebody will get promoted to 2-star next year.
Concludes Scott:
Michelin is an exclusive dinosaur club.
What do you think of the Bib Gourmand list? Post a comment or send a note to [email protected]. And by the way, the name of the award doesn't refer to a napkin around some glutton's neck: "Bibendum," or "Bib" for short, is the name of the tire company's Michelin Man mascot.
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